Frankfurt Motor Show - Now the dust has settled

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With the Frankfurt Motor Show now behind us, its given the team at TVLE time to reflect on what a great show it was. From the crazy designs, to some we are very excited about.  There’s always a lot of new “Metal” on show, with fantastic exciting new technologies along with some amazing interior designs.

Some of the concept models blew our minds and made us smile, of course these will never be seen, unfortunately!!! How much fun must it be to be a car designer with an obscene budget

There was also a host of production ready models that will be coming to a driveway near you soon!!

Between us we have chosen our 5 favourites from the show.

From 1947 – Current day. The all new Land Rover Defender

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In 1947, near Newborough beach, Anglesey, the Land Rover Defender was born. In 2019, Frankfurt motor show, the all new Land Rover Defender was unveiled, not quite as romantic.  Following months of teaser shots, the longer wheelbase 110 is the first to be unveiled, with the more compact Defender 90 and the commercial versions to be launched soon.

The Defender 110 Engine line up will include a 300hp four-cylinder petrol along with 200hp & 240hp diesels. Mild hybrid technology features in the new engines, and Land Rover will launch a 400hp plug-in hybrid version next year for electric-only capable motoring/off-roading.

Features include, over-the-air software updates for its new infotainment system, 5+2 seating, and of course Land Rovers legendary off-road capabilities.

Volkswagen – The Third Chapter, ID.3


Volkswagen made a statement about this next vehicle, saying its “the start of the third chapter in its history” as important as the Golf and Beetle, when a company as large as VW make that sort of statement, people listen and you know they are not messing about.

The ID.3 was originally previewed at the 2016 Paris Motor Show in 2016. That says everything about how VW have taken their time making sure this car is consumer ready.

The ID.3 is all electric and kick starts a full range of EVs from the German manufacturer. Its built on a platform built specifically for electric cars. So as mentioned above, expect to see a few electric cars from the VW group soon, this of course includes, Audi, Seat and Skoda.    

With prices starting around the £27,000 mark in the UK and Three versions with different battery sizes allowing for driving ranges of around 200, 260, and 340 miles on a single charge. VW want to offer an electric car for all budgets, the rear-motor, rear-wheel drive version could make for a fun driving experience. Prices will start around the £27,000 mark in the UK.

Audi AI Trail quattro – Electric off-road concept car

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As we alluded to earlier, there are concept cars that are just plane bonkers!! Audi have delivered on this…. but we love it. We are pretty sure this is something from a “Mad Max” movie. We also love the fact it’s a “Quattro”

The car has four electric motors, one for each wheel giving all wheel drive. With chunky tyres that defines exactly what the cars main use is, extreme off road.

With automated driving technology and large amounts of glass to enable the occupants to enjoy their surroundings. The car comes with an off-road range of more than 150 miles (remember this is a concept) that’s plenty of scenery to view.

Mercedes Benz Vision EQS – “Trailblazer for the entire Mercedes Benz EQ Family”

BN-MercedesVisionEQS image 7.jpg

Inspiration for the design of this sleek four door electric saloon has been taken from the yachting world….no, it doesn’t float! The EQS indicates where Mercedes next generation flagship model could go. When you look at the success of Tesla and the fact Jaguars next XJ saloon will be all electric, its almost certain there will be a production version of the EQS.

Approx performance figures are vague, but a range of more than 400 miles along with ultra-rapid charging have been mentioned, these figures will certainly make people sit up and take notice.

BMW Concept 4

BN-BMWConcept4 image 4.jpg

BMW have had a bit of a tough time recently as there has been strong criticism of the oversized double kidney grill. So, guess what…. they have gone even bigger on this concept! Very bold move indeed, given that we know of a few people that have moved away from the brand recently because of this design.

Love or hate this design element, the rest of this concept car looks fantastic. We are sure that this will have a significant say in how the next generation 4 series will look at its launch late in 2020. The I4 electric is due in 2021.

The engine line up hasn’t been announced to date but you can rest assured there will be standard petrol and diesel engines along with hybrid versions.

Its never easy choosing only 5 vehicles as there where plenty more we could share with you. One thing that’s come across loud and clear from Frankfurt is EV vehicles are going to be a major part of our lives. Let’s hope the infrastructure continues to grow and the national grid can cope with this rapid growth, Read our recent blog on Electric Vehicles here