Luxury Cars and The Future

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In our previous article we talked about what we saw at the Frankfurt Motor show and how the future is looking ,more and more electric, including the luxury car market. When you look at the Mercedes Benz Vision EQS, effectively the new look world famous “S” Class, a car synonymous with luxury.

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Of course, electric motors in luxury cars are made for each other, just imagine how happy the Rolls Royce engineers would be, making an already almost silent drive, even quieter. Its tricky to keep even the most refined diesel or petrol engine quiet when basically there are thousands of tiny explosions taking place in the engine. Electric motors make far less noise.

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Range anxiety has been the main sticking point with most drivers when it comes to EVs. Most manufacturers can now comfortably offer a real-world range of 300 miles on one charge. As technology moves on, the ability to increase this further as well as bring down charging times is constantly improving.

Next year sees the Porsche Taycan goes to show how quickly things are moving forward. With a charging time of around 15 minutes and a range of 300 miles. The driver can pull over for a comfort break, grab a coffee and by the time they are back in the car another 250 miles plus will have been added.

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Although the Mercedes is a concept car, this does more than 430 miles on a charge. With Jaguars confirmation that its XJ replacement will be all electric, along with positive comments from Rolls Royce, Bentley and Aston Martin, its clear to us that luxury EVs are on their way.