New Skoda Octavia

The wait is nearly over, the new model of the Skoda Octavia will be on the road in 2020.  The Czech car maker’s first Octavia was launched 60 years ago and it’s still a popular choice today, and it will contribute to the positive development of the brand

As before, the new Octavia will be available in both the hatch and estate version, with the latter having a load capacity of 640 litres.  Attention has also been given to providing more space inside to increase the rear leg room.  A plug-in-hybrid version will also be available later next year, along with a mild hybrid, with petrol and diesel engines on offer.


One feature we particularly like is the option of the ‘Sleep pack’ this includes a blanket that can be attached to the rear seat. Along with the ice scraper hidden in fuel filler cap and the umbrella stowed in the drivers door.  Skoda confirm that safety is a top priority for them, with the new Octavia being fitted with a collision avoidance system which can intervene if it detects that an accident is imminent as well as an exit warning set up to alert passengers that it is not safe to open a door.


The Octavia will be a lot sleeker looking than the old model, whilst on the interior there are a few new little touches like the LED ambient lighting on the door cards and dashboard which will be available in 10 different colours, and the infotainment system is now a tablet-like display.


Due to its popular body style, the long roof model will be first to go on sale, with the liftback to follow shortly after.  The Scout and the sport RS have also been confirmed for release in 2020.