The School Run - Tips for a stress free, safe trip


So, its that time of year, School holidays have finished and the dreaded “School Run” starts. The Kids have just spilt the drink and the toast is burning! You look out of the window and the queuing traffic fills you with dread. We have written a few parent “Tips” that hopefully will help with the school run both morning and afternoon.  

Having had a 6 weeks or so to forget about how busy the roads getting to school can get, grab your notebook, a sharp pencil, and listen up at the back; here are a few tips to do some homework…..before heading back on the school run.

Growing pains

growing up.jpg

You've been out and bought new school uniform, sports kit, and shoes, as the kids have shot up over summer. So before you get in the car on “Back to School day” make sure your returning star pupils still fit safely in their car seat. DON’T leave it to the last minute and think “That will do” this is their contact with the car and their protection.  

20's plenty - fact


20mph is often a speed limit rather than a recommendation, so make sure to keep an eye out for signage. Some limits are permanent, but if they are set between certain times, odds are that school starting and finishing time is when a 20mph restriction is in place. In fact, forget the signs, whenever you are heading towards a school, keep your speed to 20mph. The bet is pupils will be walking on the same route.

Good karma


What goes around comes around, and everyone will have experienced being late to school at some point. Lets cut each other a bit of slack, a bit of polite driving and parking could make a big difference to how someone starts their day, and improve safety too. Remember in the future… could (will) be you running late!  

Tricky timekeeping


We all do it, forget how busy the roads become and how much can change on the road when leaving the house even a couple of minutes late. Suddenly, that 3-4 car line of traffic you normally join becomes a dozen cars longer, and the pressure mounts at each junction, admit it, the swearing under your breath, the banging the steering wheel, the hand gestures….tut tut……Preparation will keep you punctual, improving the mood of all the car's occupants each day.

Perfect parking

Perfect parking.jpg

Much of the congestion around a school is not caused by cars waiting to move, but by those parked up, that have been parked in a rush, with the backend or frontend just sticking out enough to make it hard to pass. By parking considerately, you will ease congestion for everyone, and make life less stressful for yourself too. It's better to park a little further away and walk the rest of the route, to keep out of the traffic…..also helps with the fitness routine as well.

Early learners

road safety.png

Start the road safety training young. A bad habit that is seen every day, is parents crossing from between the gap between parked cars with children holding their hands, we all know as drivers how terrifying when somebody appears all of a sudden!! Once you are parked up in a safe spot, make sure that children are clearly visible, that they check both ways before crossing, and that younger ones are with a responsible adult.


We hope you have found this informative, we know a lot of this is everyday common sense…..however, it’s always good to have someone remind us of how we can stay safe, especially when we are all so busy.