What do the new labels mean at the Fuel station

Confused with the new labels that have appeared at your petrol station? Read on

The DFT (Department for Transport) Have made it mandatory for all fuel stations to have these labels showing by 1st September 2019….. they are E5 and B7

What are the labels and what do they mean

Petrol will be labelled E5 and Diesel labelled B7.  

‘E’ stands for ethanol and the 5 means the fuel has up to 5% renewable ethanol.

‘B’ represents biodiesel and the 7 refers to the fuel containing up to 7% renewable biodiesel.

Petrol will always be shown in a Circle

Diesel in a Square

However, the important thing to know is, nothing has changed with the fuel….everything is the same.



I have a sticker on my car saying ‘Do not use biofuel’ what do I do?

Don’t worry, you can still use B7 biofuel, the sticker is in place to stop people using fuel with very high biofuel content. 

My car has a sticker saying use ‘E10’ petrol, where do I get this?

Carry on using the ‘E5’ petrol, its absolutely fine.  ‘E10’ isn’t available in the UK yet, its available in a lot of other parts of the world. Most new cars built since 2000 have been able to use ‘E10’ petrol. 

What is E10 fuel

The same as E7 however with 10% renewable ethanol, think we are getting the picture!?

REMEMBER Circle Petrol.......Square Diesel